The Company and Certifications

Le Torréfacteur Aux Mille Grains

Le Torréfacteur Aux Mille Grains is a coffee roasting house established in 1996. Since 1997, our boutique, located in Quebec City’s Upper Town, has provided customers the opportunity to discover coffees from everywhere around the world. In 2004, a second boutique opened its doors in Sainte-Foy.

We select and roast our coffees ourselves, which are the same coffees you find in our boutiques. Our coffees are among the best in the world. The criteria for selecting our beans are essentially dictated by the desired to provide our customers with a selection of gourmet coffees that are responsibly cultivated.

This is why a number of our coffees carry the Rainforest Alliance certification, an organization that certifies that coffees are produced according to sustainable development standards. We also provide decaffeinated coffees that are produced using water to decaffeinate the coffee, without the use of chemicals. Organic and FairTrade coffees will also be available soon.

As with each cup of coffee we serve, we wish you “Happy Coffee Drinking!”

Our certifications


rainforestRainforest Alliance
Rainforest Alliance certifies the use of sustainable development practices. These essentially take three factors into account: economics (economic aspect), the human being (health, education, etc.) and the environment (respect of ecosystems). Simply put, this means that sustainable development agricultural practices aim to meet current needs without compromising the ability to meet future needs. It is about respecting human life and the environment in which we live.

swissSwiss Water Certification:
Our exclusive Swiss Water Process supplier provides coffees that rank among the best decaffeinated coffees on the market. This Vancouver-based Canadian company decaffeinates coffee using a single agent—water. It is a unique and entirely natural process that produces a 99.9% decaffeinated, flavourful coffee. There is no longer a reason for you to deprive yourself.
Future certifications:
Coffees with Rainforest Alliance and Swiss Water Process certifications are not the only coffees that Aux Mille Grains selects for you. However, just choosing and buying a certified product is not enough to be able to label the products we sell as such. We have therefore requested to be recognized as a registered vendor with specific certifying organizations.